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I am drawn to the infinity of the landscape.

The landscape lines, the horizon and the Wadden Sea's unique alternation between high and low tide fascinate me.

On Fanø, the sky is high and the light gives me a color symphony to work on in the oil paintings.

A motive is interesting to me - when contrasts, composition and color composition catch my eye.

It can be a meeting between light and darkness on the horizon, wind witches and the bundles, which drift ashore at low tide and drift away again at high tide - when the light breaks through or the white waves light up in the dark sea.

I get lost in everything and nothing, let go of the grip and let time stand still.

I find peace with myself and life through art.

I grew up in Esbjerg, went to the decorating school in Svendborg, moved to Aarhus and worked as a decorator in Magasin.


Self-taught visual artist based on the Art Preschool, Graphic School and a wealth of drawing and painting courses.

Further trained as a teacher at Silkeborg Seminarium and was a primary school teacher until 2005, when I became independent with the Art School Art Jamming in Stjær.  

Through my work with the Art School, I have collaborated with other artists, consultants and teachers on painting courses at home and abroad, book publications, art exhibitions and decorating assignments as well as staff and management development in Art & Mindjamming.

I closed the Art School in 2015, to focus on my own artistic work combined with the weekend painting courses.

The longing for the North Sea and the wide horizons led us to move to Sønderho in 2019.

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